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there is lots of reason that's why we don't take anything at face value. >> reporter: and now the hard part begins, the u.s. and its allies have about six months to monitor iran's progress and to hammer out the terms of a more complete deal. now, iran has incentives there, there are about $100 billion in assets sitting frozen in accounts that they want access to, and today president obama spoke with the israeli prime minister and said he wants the two countries to work together to make sure that iran complies with the deal and that they do not obtain a nuclear weapon. > margaret brennan, thank you. >> for more freak shun to this deal now we are joined in london by elizabeth palmer who has reported extensively from inside iran, liz what is the world reekion you are hearing tonight? >> well, let's begin with inside iran, when the iranian nuclear negotiating feel arrived back at the table on their report, it was greeted by a cheering crowd of mostly young people who are very happy with the deal, happy with thawing relations with relations where the west and the currency gained some strength ov
combat troops. >> mismanagement. >> i don't know that you have any evidence to say that. >> he was aware of that. i don't know if he is in that. the kennedy presidency, however short it was was more than vietnam. he walked us back from the brink of nuclear war. he inspired young people to public service and elevated the feelings about what government could do, at the same time, the famous line in the inaugural speech he asked much of the american people. the state's program, peace corp, these are all significant achievements we remember him for today. patt is right, he is frozen in time. he'll always be young and popular. he certainly shows what a president can achieve against many odds. >> peace corp was a big one. >> 200,000 people. 139 countries. certainly his legacy is creating the peace corp. it is the presidency that was about image and there are a lot of unanswered questions. would they have escalated the war in vietnam. would they have left the conflict to the country to deal with. that's a lot that's unknown. a lot will never be known. he won on charisma and the fact he looked g
been secret facilities. that's why we don't take anything at face value. >> reporter: this deal is a confidence building measure. it buys time to broker a more complete agreement that addresses things like destroying all of iran's nuclear fuel and giving access to all of either facilities. basically the hard part is just beginning. >> margaret, thank you. >>> eric cantor is the man responsible for bringing any additional sanctions to a vote in the house. he calls this deal a mistake. congressman cantor is in rich mopp mond, virginia. congressman, good morning. >> good morning. >> you heard the secretary of state say this is good because it expands the time that iran will have capacity to make a nuclear weapon, there is more inspection and some restriction 20% will have to be changed. why isn't that a good deal to freeze things and delay? >> charlie, i think this deal, this interim deal with iran, is in fact dangerous. it is a deal which brings iran closer to becoming a nuclear power. this deal that has been negotiated by the secretary of state frankly falls well short of the u.n
of this. >> time is running out. you don't want this precious pan did a to get the wrong name. >> plus, long lines in dc, virginia and maryland. what they have in there that's keeping people up all night and out in the cold. >> today's strangers showed up at this home. last night a mother, father and new born baby were killed all while their 5 year old daughter hit and ran for help. >> worrying about this girl who lost her family. it's horrible. horrible. >> and tonight we know more about what was unfolding 24 hours ago in that frederick county home. >> those stories in a moment. first tonight, the most important moments from your world in 90 seconds. >> the nuclear options senators vote to change the way they vote in order to break filibusters. >> instruction we've seen from reductions against president obama has reached new heights never dreamed of. >> obviously you can break the rules to kwha the world. >> three women held captive for 30 years in england are free tonight. >> the range for the three to escape. police arrested the man and woman both in their 60s. >> both women were hi
-teens. >> reporter: don is the general manager of the white tail mountain resort which it's -- where it's the earliest opening since 2002. >> i'm real excited to be opened this early and looks like in the long range that this is going to stay with us for a while. >> it's awesome. i wasn't expecting to go snowboarding until maybe a month later. >> reporter: scott broom, wusa9. >> you and i are of like mind. we go to the ski resort but we sit inside, we watch the people outside. >> hot cocoa for me, please. >> yes, absolutely. >> sounds good. >>> it's cold. >> it is cold, yeah, it's going to be great weather for the skiers but it's not great for anything else that you might want to do outdoors. we are continuing to see those temperatures chillier than average and more clouds are on the way as well. let's start off with a look at the weather cam and we have a view of the capitol right now, 37 degrees at reagan national and just a few clouds drifting through. the dew point is 20, so the atmosphere isn't too bone dry but winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour certainly aren't going to h
but it was closed. >> reporter: michael hayes shared his thoughts. >> i don't like black friday. i think it disrupts the ordinary thanksgiving. >> reporter: he's expecting it good on thursday. >> i'm quite confident my daughters are probably going to run off and go shopping and leave me by myself when they should be coming back. >> how does it make you feel then when you do that >> lonely. >> reporter: clear ly his daughters won't be the only ones. usa today reports 33 million americans will be hitting the stores on thanksgiving. that number nearly triples on black friday to 97 million. >> for all those folks who plan to head out shopping tomorrow, there are a lot of options for you. >> here are some of the stores offering big bargains. kmart will be opening at 6:00 in the morning. toys r us at 5 p.m. walmart and best buy open their doors at 6 p.m. target, sears, jcpenney and many macy's stores join the crowd at 8 p.m. >>> we break down what shoppers will be buying over the next month. you can expect to see a lot of clothing under the tree followed by gift cards. 44% are buying toys. 33% are thinki
shopper broke out a taser. another shopper with a cell phone took the video. we don't know how this started or how it ended or if anybody was even arrested. [ shouting ] >> and you wouldn't call this good behavior either. this was the scene at a wal- mart in elkin, north carolina. wal-mart was also the scene of a brawl in puerto rico. in georgia and california police had to be called when shoppers at wal-mart got out of hand there, too. and in virginia two men were rested after pulling a knife on each other outside of a wal-mart. >>> protesters also turned out at several wal-marts across the country today. they were calling for better pay, fair schedules and affordable health care. but wal-mart's ceo doesn't agree with those claims. >> we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity for people to enter any life stage from 16 all the way to 76 if they would like to, and then they work hard and canbuild a career. >> bile simon also responded to critics who say wal-mart should have stayed closed on thanksgiving. he says more than 22 million people came in the
is -- you know, people don't expect to end up being homeless. here you are celebrating a historic event. tell me why this location is so symbolic? >> as we take a look at the capitol itself, it's such a symbol of power and not just in our nation, the until, but also worldwide. and to have something like this where people that are coming from all -- all kinds of walks of live, broken hearted, homeless, or may not know where their next meal is coming from or maybe didn't sleep on a pillow last night, bringing them here to -- >> reporter: you're bringing the powerless to a seat of power. tell me your ministry? >> we feed the homeless on a weekly basis, on sunday nights and saturday mornings just so that we can maybe finish their late night or bring them up in the morning with something warm that they may not have been able to have. >> reporter: something that should be done year round. i know you work on that year round. thank you so much for being with us. best of luck with the event today. mike, happy thanksgiving to you as well as all of our viewers. back to you. >> to you as well, andr
everything is green. there's a couple areas that are magenta. we don't have any real problems in terms of icing on trees, even you folks in west virginia will see temperatures go up tonight before they go back tomorrow. there is a winter storm warning in effect for garrett county and for our friends in the valley. primarily for snow, but not until tomorrow morning and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. look at the temperatures, they are as warm as they have been all day. 36 in gaithersburg. 36 in manassas. 36 also in leesburg. so, what i'm concerned about is not so much icing, it's rain. we could see 2 inches of rain downtown by 11:00 tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that and talk about some of that rain. >> all right, thank you, top. they estimate 43 million people will be making their way over the river and through the woods to grandma's house. and the size of this mammoth storm, that's making some problems for them. in pittsburgh, slick roads sent one car off the road this morning, nobody hurt there. and the ripple effects are starting to be felt at airports just about everywhe
jobs, high quality jobs. we really don't believe mcdonalds is going to save. >> you bring up the high paying high quality job issue, is that what this is all about? back in the 90s, nobody was complaining because those jobs went begging. now there's nowhere to go. >> in the real world there's nowhere to go. in the 80s, the minimum wage was closer to what a person could sustain themselves on. since the 80s since nothing got indexed, that has fallen farther away from the living wage. we spent a lot of money on social programs and the reason you spend money on social programs is because people don't eastern enough money. >> how do you handle the tips issue? what's going to happen to waiters and waitresses who are allowed to be paid much less? >> we came up with an elegant compromise. they'll have to pay 50% of the state minimum wage but they are liable up to the county's minimum wage. so for an employee who does not make the minimum wage -- >> and you are going to enforce this? >> we're going to enforce this. >> let's talk about the transit system. dozens of bus routes all up and down th
by the u.s. military, afghan security forces drive around in these pickups and they don't provide much protection against homemade bombs, the number-one killer in this conflict. already this year afghan forces have suffered their worst losses since the start of this conflict. exactly how many afghan troops have been killed is unknown. kabul won't release the numbers, but the coalition estimates that over 100 a week have died in fighting since the summer. and according to a u.s. military officer that is unsustainable. as u.s. troops get closer to pulling out, the more aggressive the taliban become. charlie d'agata, cbs news, paktia province, afghanistan. >> brennan: in brazil today, parpart of a soccer stadium collapsed while being renovated for the world cup. two construction workers were killed and a crane crashed into the outer wall tearing out entire sections. the stadium in sa sao paulo is supposed to host the opening match in june. a holocaust survivor is reunited for thanksgiving with the man who helped save his life. a new wheelchair is controlled by a person's tongue. and was t
in philadelphia did not bare as well. several flights were canceled due to low visibility. >> don't really care. i just like missing school. >> another reason to be thankful, the weather is expected to improve on thursday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, reagan national airport. >> high winds are also in the forecast for new york city tomorrow, which could ground those giant balloons featured in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and our holiday team coverage continues with peggy fox live at est, h is it looking? >> flying is more expensive, but out of dulles and national, hey, at least you have fewer headaches. flights are on time here inside, we only found a lot of happy reunions. a lot of parents today picking up their college students after they headed home after being out of their own for the first time. >> so you're up this way, okay. >> anticipation builds when the plane has landed. then the search for that first glimpse begins. >> mom is excited. >> and it's mom who gets the first hug. casey gordon has flown in from chile. >> what are you looking forward to most? >> spending ti
's get the day planner up. another cold day. not as biting as yesterday because we don't have the winds. generally clear skies, a cold one. 35 by lunch time. increasing loud later on with 36 at 5:00. up to 38 today. that means mid 30s for the san francisco 49ers and the redskins for tonight's game. here come the clouds. you see them toward west virginia now, southwestern areas of virginia, moving toward us. that's why we're going to see high thin clouds but they'll thicken up late. temperatures down to 15 in martinsburg. it's 10 in oakland. it's 18 in culpeper. 22 in la plata and 26 across the bay in easton and cambridge. as far as this afternoon, sunshine with fading behind the clouds. 42 fredricksburg. 38 in frederick and here in d.c. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >> a crash in oakton, virginia on germantown road east of route 123. i've been trying to see how you can get around it and maybe just stick to courthouse road as your alternate route. if you're planning to head through that area, you'llle have to follow police direction. again that's germantown road east of route
. >> this case isn't saying about people not having access. it's saying we don't want to pay for it. >> reporter: newland's family is catholic and they view artificial contraception as a sin. inspector the affordable care act, companies with 50 or more employees, must cover-up contraceptions. >> can americans live and do business according to our faith. >> reporter: how is that different from telling your employees you can't use birth control pills? >> we're not saying don't go buy them. we're not putting barricades in front of wal-mart. we're saying we simply don't want to pay for them. >> reporter: federal courts have split on this issue so the supreme court will now consider whether corporations have the same religious rights as individuals. kathleen sebelius is secretary of health and human services. >> it's troubling to think that someone could pick and choose, not based on science, not based on health care not based on anything else, but pick and choose which services to provide to employees. that would be a troubling picture. >> pelley: anna werner is joining us now. anna let's look in th
and the president just gotten out of two of them and the people of this country through the poll said, don't go to war in syria. we have to be judicious and careful. but look, i'm optimistic. the iranians came forward with ideas for the first time that put on the table that really begin to limit their own capacity and in some places, roll it back. ambassador, i can only hope you're right. >> i hope i'm right, too. >> let's get to that weather. >> this is a yellow alert day, here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> we'll talk some weather, because on one of the most busiest travel days on the year, of course we would see the nasty, nasty storm system going up the east coast. >> it seems like tuesday is a travel day. used to be wednesday, but everybody is traveling wednesday. i could say that it has been on time. >> check on the roads there going to grandma's house. >> my sister got in from l. a. on time. >> say hi to your sister. >> trying to travel from new york and newark, the farther north you go, the worse delays. all right, a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather
i was wrong i just don't belong but then, i've been there before that's my favorite line ♪ everything's all right i'll just say goodnight ♪ and i'll show myself to the door ♪ hey, i didn't mean to cause a big scene ♪ just wait til i finish this glass that was quick ♪ then sweet little lady i'll head back to the bar ♪ and you can kiss my ass 'cause i've got friends in low places ♪ where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away ♪ and i'll be okay i'm not big on social graces ♪ think i'll slip on down to the oasis ♪ oh, i've got friends in low places ♪ cause, i've got friends you want it? in low places. ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> i couldn't have asked for a better night. thank you for my life! ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >>> wait until you see what else we found at some local restaurants. black friday is just wrapping up, but some people got more than they bargained for. wait until you see some of the brawls that broke out. >>> we'll get to all of that. the i
. and you don't see what you're buying. so it will be a lot of luck. >> reporter: it might be changing. usually we'll look inside the telescope, but she will have one inside her eye looking out. her doctor recommended this new procedure. it involves placing a telescope directly inside her right eye. it was approved just last year by the food and drug administration. >> it is designed for patients who are essentially blind from the degeneration of the retina. >> reporter: the doctor of medstar georgetown university and his team lifted up the retina and carefully placed that telescope inside. this will magnify whatever she wants to see. and that image will reflect to the back of the eye. >> so the idea of the telescope is to magnify the view so much and that the blind spot will become much smaller as they could make out the majority of someone's face and the majority of the tv screen that type of thing. >> but you can focus on it, for about 20 seconds. now, i can see a b and a t. >> reporter: the surgery is just the beginning. for the next few months, she has to train her eye muscles to
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for action team. >> we don't let him get in and out on the driveway. it's just too risky and too unsafe. >> reporter: this is the boshell's garage and tandem parking lot. this slope is next to the pillar and it's a barrier to joe who depends on his walker and wheelchair to get in and out of the car. >> we're not asking for that much. >> reporter: during their time at kingfarm marlene and joe's health and mobile have declined. marlene is the sole driver. in order to transport joe safely, he needs a flat surface. at one time there were handicapped spaces in the general parking behind their condo that would provide just what joe needs. now they are gone linking the couple and the condo board in a fight over what's a reasonable request for handicapped parking. >> the law says that disabled people can ask for reasonable accommodations. >> reporter: in 2005 marlene challenged the kingfarm condo board's rejection of her parking request for reasonable accommodations by filing a discrimination complaint with the maryland commission on human relations. the commission concluded that because the
to be an operator, rob. >> yes, vago. >> so this stuff has a whole blend of, you know, it is all organic, and i don't know even know what is in here. >> and if you can read that. >> how much is that? >> $35. all made in america. the portion of the proceeds are given to a special operations front. >> and let's talk a little bit about this. a beautiful gift box. this is for folks' dogs, right? >> this is an interesting item. i have actually used it on our dog at home. >> it is called snout soother. >> yes. >> and this stuff is actually really good. if you have a military working dog, we have e-mails from folks down range who have used this stuff, to help their dogs noses. especially overseas, in the desert, they get a lot of cracking. >> trying to figure it out. it soothes the snout. >> and people are putting it on the pads of their feet as well and has oils and waxes and stuff that really helps the animals. it makes them a lot more comfortable. >> that is outstanding. >> so now let's look at this. this handsome pelican case right here. you've got muzzle shot? >> yes. >> and these are shot glasses. >
with the moisture. we'll keep a close eye on it. don't want snow on thanksgiving? >> no. let's not get crazy. >>> tonight in your only local news at 7:00 here's a scary thought. the men and women with their fingers on the triggers of 450 of the nation's nuclear weapons may be burnt out on the job. >> plus should your pilot's weight factor into whether or not he or she is fit to fly, why one group says it should. >> and batkid back to reality after saving san francisco, hear what he has to say about the whole experience. you know that's going to be cute tonight at 7:00. >> looking forward to him. >>> first it was redskins hall of famer darrell green, now the most veteran divide receiver publicly questioning rg3's [ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. th utat ps jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarel
know, a life is taken. and it is so easy as it seems like it is senseless and people, they don't care now. and it is not precious to people anymore. >> i knew that they had gunshots because i know what they sound like as i got up and they started running. >> it'd be the rarest. >> reporter: he is the president of the rockville branch of the national association of letter carriers. he didn't represent barnett or the area where he was killed. but he has been the loudest voice in trying to get postal workers off the streets before it gets dark. >> i'm outraged. more than angry. and it didn't have to happen. i told them what the problems were. and they chose to ignore it. >> reporter: he's been outspoken about the dangers of delivering. he brought it up again last week in a meeting with the postmaster. last year with the district manager, he made a grim prediction. >> and he said something that somebody was going to or worse. or worse and that happened. >> reporter: the routes are longer as they are understaffed. they say after the tragedy, that something, it must change. >> reporter: and
received them four months ago. >> what gave you strength? >> my family. >> why don't we do some turkey bowling? we are like, what is that? just took off. and something that we look forward to every year. >> there we go. that's the way to roll a bird. >> donate our turkeys that we bowled with. >> police say an ocean city man with a long record of petty crime is the person that lit himself on fire and burst into a church food pantry. this is near the board walk. >> the resulting disaster stunned that beach front community. popular pastor is now dead and a church volunteer is listed in critical condition tonight. it happened at st. paul by the sea. that's on third street in ocean city and that is where scott broom is this evening. he has reaction. >> the pastor, one needing help and the other there to give, now both are dead. church volunteers in critical condition and then the entire community is in shock and the wake of what appears to be a bizarre act of a deranged man who set himself on fire. >> layed down his life for his friends. >> bishop, james, remembers pastor david, who
. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> i don't want even to think about how much that cost to build. andrea tells us the manor has 14 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a movie theater, 60 chandeliers never mind the number of kitchens. the last electric bill. $5,000. that's the electric bill. but the place is considered green with a geothermal well and an elaborate solar system. i know that's what your place looks like olga? >> they're keeping it a little bit green though at least i hope and helping out the environment along if way. we -- the way. i wish we would get help from the sun this afternoon. but unfortunately with the winds coming in, we're still seeing that chill in and around the area. grab the sunglasses though out and about into the afternoon and evening hours and let's take a look outside at our michael & son weather camera and it's not so bad. just don't get too close to the water there's some breezes pulling on shore here. and we're definitely seeing some cool chill into the afternoon. the day planner is keeping the sunshine around. through midday and early afternoon. i think we move o
. the workers -- shaw neighborhood. the workers still don't have a contract so giant is bringing new jobs and also new workers. >> what we want to do is keep the health care we've got and to get wages, livable wages where we can afford to live in a city like washington, d.c. and surrounding suburbs. >> we're currently at the negotiating table and working to come up with a fair and equitable contract for all parties involved while at the same time doing what the realities of the market conditions. >> the deadline for a deal is december 20. giant says they hired 184 new employees, 161 of which are d.c. residents. >>> people gathered at a frederick park last night to remember a man who died in police custody. >> robert ethan saylor, a 26- year-old man with down syndrome died after being forcibly removed by police from a movie theater in january. debra alfarone spoke with people who were in the theater and witnessed the tragedy unfold. >> that's the first sometime i remember thinking something was out of the ordinary. >> reporter: this father and son from frederick were saying in the same row
or badly damaged. in indiana, it's about 400 in just one town, kokomo. don dahler is there and we were struck by what he found. >> reporter: we found nancy finch picking through the debris of her childhood home on bell street. >> it is just stuff but when it's your stuff it's a whole different story when you see it scattered everywhere. >> reporter: moments earlier, steve schneider showed up to help. schneider didn't know finch, he's not even from kokomo. why are you here? >> to help. i just give them a hand today and you never know when it's going to come in your back door. >> anybody hungry? >> reporter: that's about the time sarah miller and jennifer brackett arrived. their homes had been spared. >> they lost everything, we could at least bring them breakfast. >> reporter: down the block, kevin sprinkle was helping a young couple find a new place to live. >> you can take my truck. >> reporter: how long have you known courtney and mike >> five minutes. >> reporter: five minutes? >> this is the first time i've met them. >> you were coming by and decided to help them? >> i came intenti
something down if they -- somebody down if they don't report? then shooting down their plane is clearly an act of war. >> reporter: but analysts say there was no indication china will use force to defend the area. last week beijing announced new air defense zones. and overlaps an area of japan already says is theirs. despite the tension, the u.s. navy went ahead with its military exercises with japan near the contested area. the u.s. military says this week's drills are not meant to provoke the chinese. >> we planned this exercise a year ago. we're executing it almost exactly as originally planned. >> reporter: in the center of the zone is a cluster of tiny islands. both china and japan claim the islands. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> vice president joe biden will be traveling to utsoh korea, japan and china next week. >>> a deal between the u.s. and afghanistan could keep some u.s. troops in the country has hit yet another snag. president karzai says u.s. forces bombed a home in southern afghanistan yesterday killing a small child and wounding two women. he said the attack
their homes. separated from their families. their at the mercy of an overwhelmed system. i don't think i'm a lost cause. i'm just a kid. youth villages believes that no child is a lost cause. not a single one. because a stable loving family can help any child succeed. and we have an 80% success rate that proves doing whatever it takes for children, is the only thing that works. if you agree, find out how you can help. at youth whoa, dude! you thinkin' what i'm thinkin'? yeah ♪we love to work at nothin all day♪ ♪and we've been taking care of business♪ ♪it's all right whew! ♪taking care of business, saved the day! >>> a weather warning to start the holiday week. a wintry storm sends a chill across the south and it could end up impacting thanksgiving travel plans for millions of americans. >>> iran reaches a historic pact with six world powers to pause its nuclear program. bit while the obama administration is expressing optimism, some are skeptical of the deal. >> this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >>> and health care concerns for americ
're going to switch over very quickly if we don't start as rain, switch over to rain pretty quickly. bethesda, white oak at 19. fairfax 18. 22 in waldorf. 21 north beach this morning. a very cold morning out there with great visibilities. seeing a little light now on the horizon. feeling like 17 with a west, northwesterly wind at 6 and the dew point at 6. that is some bone dry air. if you don't have a hugh made fire in your -- humidifier in your house, really dry inside. so clear skies now but the clouds will be moving in from the west. by 5:30, we're looking partly to mostly cloudy. clouds thicken up tonight. a stray shower -- a stray snow shower out ahead of the main batch of moisture which will be moving up from the tomorrow morning. see all the pink there? that's why the winter weather advisories are out. that's all sleet, freezing rain mix. the blue would be snow and the green and yellow is the rain. by 9:30, just about to d.c. hopefully no quicker than this. then we can get through the morning rush hour mainly dry. by afternoon, early afternoon, still dealing with a little bit
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: tourists are shopping too, like these folks from north carolina. she putting to work? i don't see you carrying in i bags. >> i'm trying to get out of here. >> reporter: you better hurry because the only thing worst than shopping in the cold is buyer's remorse. >> i'm scared to look at my credit card receipt. >> reporter: wusa9. >>> we have breaking news this hour. an agreement has been reached on curbing iran's nuclear program. speaking from the white house just a few moments ago, president barack obama said iran had six months to comply with the terms of the deal. >> while today's announcement is just a first step, it achieves a great deal. for the first time in nearly a decade, we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program and keep parts of the program -- key parts of the program will be rolled back. iran has committed to halting certain levels of enrichment and neutralizing part of its stockpiles. iran cannot use its next generation centrifuges which are used for enriching uranium. iran cannot install or start up new centrifuges and its production of centrifuges will b
for a lot of the gentlemen and ladies that don't have families anymore or they're far away. >> it just, again, renews my faith that perhaps maybe one day when i need that friendship, when i need that brotherhood, there are going to be folks like us coming out just sharing some time with me. thank you, enjoy your meal. >> reporter: perez says he'll be back for easter, another opportunity to give thanks. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >>> straight ahead, your friday morning weather. >>> and in sports, a coach interfering with a play, and that wasn't even the strangest thing that happened during the steelers/ravens game. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. it's so much more than coffee. brew the love. keurig. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. >>> here's a look at t
respond to that. >> man is it cold out here. >>> oh my gosh, i know, you don't even want to step outside with the weather like this. i mean temperatures are in the 20s and the windchill is still a factor right now, settling down overnight tonight, setting up the stage for the bitter cold weather and the coldest air of the season, starting off with a look at the weather cam where it is 27 degrees. with a dew point of 6, so it is cold and dry and winds are now calm at reagan national within the last hour. a wind gust of 20 miles per hour. a big change and a short amount of time with the winds that are diminishing. clear skies, which will be allowing temperatures to drop to the coldest this school year. as you are heading out the door, make sure that they are bundled up as you'll need it on a day like this for tomorrow. it will be a bit milder especially because they won't be a big factor, but just as we are starting to work their way towards us. we're getting the milder temperatures along with the precipitation as we cannot win right now. 21 degrees already in gaithersburg. down to 21 in h
right now. >> and? >> dr. phil: tell her holly what you want former look her in the eye don't look away. >> i want my sister back. i want a role model again. because it's gone. i want to be proud to be your younger sister and not to be scared to take you places or what you're going to say to people. but i want you to love yourself. like you did. >> dr. phil: what do you miss about her? >> everything. i mean, i look at her and it's not my sister anymore. nothing about her is her. we don't talk anymore like we used to. i don't -- >> dr. phil: look at her. >> i have to look at the napkin to open it. [ laughter ] i don't confide in her. i don't go to her for help anymore because i'm scared to feel stupid in my decisions. i'm scared to tell her if something good goes on in my life, because i know that she has dealt with so much in the past two years i feel guilty if something it going right for me and it's not for her. i can't stand up for you and be there for you and have to apologize for you anymore. i can't do it. and i can't be the punching bag. >> dr. phil: do you want her in your
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in the week they say you can even wear it with a turtle neck. if you don't have one, you ought to get one. >> i can't just go back 15 years and pull my double breasted jacket out of the closet. can't really get away with your old double breasted jacket. >> you could if you took it to the tailor and took it in a little bit. >> a really, really good tailor. >> right now most people have seen this video of jean-claude van damme, it's a promo for volvo. somebody did their own parody of this video. you'll probably recognize that somebody. >> my body is now engineered to defy the laws of physics. >> it's old channing tatum. just like the vol --lvo watch, over. >> ah, you [ bleep ]! >> doesn't get quite as far in this clip as joan claude van damme. this was to demonstrate the stability and precision of the food cart on the set of "22 jump street", the sequel of "21 jump street." >> you've heard miley cyrus's song "wrecking ball." well, have your heard about wrecking pug? this is the music video debut of bruce wayne, the pug. if you're wondering is their sledge hammer working in this video, the a
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